Spring Pea Soup

Spring Pea Soup

This is another recipe of the 'Vege garden overload' variety.  I had rather over-zealously planted a vast number of peas, not expecting the seeds to sprout so successfully.  The unexpected bounty of about a kilo peas a day was more than I could as a side dish, and so made this light Spring Pea Soup.  I add raw freshly shelled peas at the end, which keep some of their crunch, if preferred though, just allow about 5 minutes cooking time for a softer texture.  A rather good addition to this soup and one possibly a little unusual is king prawns – if you have just a couple per person the flavour is wonderful when gently poached in the finished soup just before serving.


1 leek, finely sliced

1 kg fresh peas

1 stick of celery

2 cloves of garlic, finely sliced

1 litre vegetable or chicken stock

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon white pepper

Pinch of sugar

Handful each of parsley and mint, finely chopped

100mls light sour cream

Juice of a lemon


In a large soup pot, add a little butter and oil and sauté the celery and leeks until fairly soft.  Add the garlic, salt, sugar and pepper and allow leeks to colour just slightly.

Add the stock and bring up to a simmer.

Add the mint and parsley then add  ¾ of the peas, cook well and then blend with a stick mixer or blender into a purée.  The soup will be a verdant green, add the cream to soften the flavour and just before serving add the remaining fresh peas and a squeeze of lemon.