My Kitchen Obsession

Crusade for Kitchen Credentials

Have you too found yourself lost in  a veritable Cathedral of Cooking looking for that special implement that is going to lift your ordinary Friday supper into a gastronomique exceptionale?   When I looked up from the shiny stainless steel utensil section recently I discovered I had developed a full-blown quest for kitchen perfection, in fact it had become a glorious and glorified crusade in which the battlefield was my countertop, a place where I was fighting for the right to call myself a cook.   

I love food.  I love to prepare food.  I am content, whenever possible, to potter in the kitchen for hours on end, purely for the satisfaction of knowing I have achieved something sumptuous and pleasing which took time – such a precious modern commodity!    I could also spend hours lustfully Gadgets and Utensils galorewandering the halls of department stores and gourmet boutiques searching for that allusive, yet essential gourmet gadget. But I am not a snob and I am thrilled to grab a bargain.

So where does this leave the kitchen essentials?  Thankfully, there is hope, there is rationale, there is the unwelcome, yet essential constraint of cash over covet.  Using this as my guiding principle, I have refined my essentials to a generous, yet restrained dialogue between myself, my kitchen and my bank balance.  I have included essentials lists here at the cooking bug, and will update them regularly no doubt as the battle wages on.

From my perspective... you can buy that which is good and will perform adequately.

You can buy better; function, form with an added flourish - and your culinary exploits will shine!

And then there is best – hard core kitchen perfection, the professional at home. Gadgets lined up along the kitchen bench like a gleaming chrome, steel and enamelled army of kitchen saviours.  Not really essential, but we all need spoiling from time to time.

After all, I tell myself, what kitchen could be considered complete without lemon zesters, moulded egg cups, pasta machines, miniature cakes tins - (Just who eats miniature cake?)   I find myself longing for mixers that evoke a sentimental longing for old fashioned kitchens: mother at the stove, fresh sponge-cake cooling on the ledge, roast beef in the oven, slippers by the bed, apron neatly starched.  Smooth, sleek crockery with clean, crisp lines...  Complex and fascinating juicers which promise an entirely more efficacious juicing….  Mixing bowls so perfectly balanced and aesthetically honed that dirtying them with ingredients seems almost perverse… 

These are questions that haunt me as I wander gormlessly through the aisles of gourmet grocers, elite cookery stores and lofty providores.  I have tried to harness this obsession here at the cooking bug - distilling my kitchen obsession down into something practical and useful.  I hope you find some solace here, some inspiration and some amusment.