Kitchen Extravagances

Extravagances - Treat yourself

Ok, here you need to give yourself permission to let go a bit and spend a few extra pennies to get that special something to enhance your life just a little and bring a little sparkle into your world.


  • A good liquor/liqueur collection - I mean a really  good liquor collection.  It sounds odd, but having a vast selection of liqueurs really does make a difference - can you imagine Tiramisu without Tia Maria?  What about Crêpe Suzette - where would she be without Mr Grand Marnier...  Liqueurs bring an intensity of flavour that is impossible to replicate.  It also delivers that little tickle of grown-up fun to desserts and ice-creams, bringing a little luxury to the plainest of dishes.   Think about it.....


  • Not entirely essential is a super collection of aprons, tea-towels and pot-holders, they may not need to be aesthetically pleasing, but they sure do make you feel fabulous when you are in the kitchen. Similarly having cups and pots that just make you feel good every time you use them is food for the soul, in my humble opinion.


  • A heavy ridged grill pan or griller obviously a Le Creuset one is fabulous; it really does change the taste of ingredients and has the magical power of giving flavour without calories - that has to be worth considering.

 Oil and vinegar with Spelt Bread

  • Really terribly expensive olive oil for dipping bread.  Heavenly.


  • A Pudding steamer mould - you will probably only use it once a year, but hey, you'll have the most perfect globe of Christmas perfection you could imagine.  They are not that expensive, but when you look at the return on investment for a once a year treat, I understand the reluctance.   The same could be said for a Terrene baker, yet I use mine all the time.


  •  Not really necessary... but having a beautiful dinner setting replete with side plates, soup bowls, serving-ware etc feels tremendously grown up to me.  Having complementary cutlery is obviously a bonus.  Even if you only use it at Christmas, hey, it's Christmas, it's meant to be special.


  • If you haveCornflowers heeded my advice and are planning a vegetable or kitchen garden, plant a few flowering plants as well - carnations, or my favourite cornflowers, irises and lillies.  Other than attracting bees, they have the added benefit of providing cut flowers for your table and house, which though sounding old fashioned is remarkably uplifting and fills your home with a fresh, beautiful scent.