Froached Eggs

Froached Eggs

Not Quite Fried - Not Quite Poached :  Froached Eggs

I love eggs, I am happy to eat them soft boiled, scrambled, in omelettes, quiches, and poached, occasionally I like them fried, but I really don't like the slightly rubbery way they sometimes turn out when they are fried, even though I really enjoy the crispy edge and that nutty flavour of a well cooked egg white.  I also don't like adding anything other than salt and pepper to the pan as I feel it spoils the flavour of a really good egg... what to do?

Being a bit of a piggy who wants their cake in every way, a few years ago I decided to try something new.  I have been making my eggs this way ever since.

And so I have termed this manner of cooking eggs 'Froaching'. 


Froached EggsImagine if you will an egg fried in a hot non-stick pan with no fats added and just a light sprinkle of salt and pepper.  Cook the egg briefly - just until the bottom of the egg is nice and crispy and yet the top of the egg is entirely raw.

Add about ½ cup hot but not boiling water and place a glass lid, glass or a glass bowl over your eggs (so you can see them) and turn the heat off.

Allow the eggs to very very very gently cook, just until the whites are cooked through and the yolks are divinely gooey.

Serve on good old wholemeal bread or with a soft bap, wonderful with Hollandaise and frankly rather good just as they are with a few sprigs of thyme or oregano with warmed Turkish bread!