Dog Food

Doggy Dinners

Dog Food

Yes dog food.  Doggy Dinners are important too.  We have huge dogs and they are fussy.  We have always made our dogs their own food, initially because we were over-protective first parents, then shortly after because we found out our beautiful puppy had a degenerative heart condition which, though treated with surgery we were ultimately not able to save her.  For the eighteen months she was with us – and for our dogs still – we have provided this feed mix, as approved by our vet and certainly by our dogs!  This does take a bit of commitment, but it is great to do on a Sunday afternoon, or while watching a really long programme on TV...   or while you are waiting for the F1s to start... 

Quantities are really determined by the space you have – we dedicate freezer space to the doggy bags so we know we only have to make it up every six weeks or so.  The general rule is roughly ⅔ meat, ⅓ veges and fibre.  If you use a food processor to chop the veges as well as buying cheap mixed frozen veges it is a pretty quick process.  I have provided the quantities we use below, however you may have to experiment to get the mix just right for your situation.

Note – we buy our dog meat from a pet supply shop.  The quality is excellent, it is fresh and it is clean-smelling (which if you are familiar with dog food and the process at the other end when you are at the park, this is a huge bonus) it is also the most economical way to buy food for your dogs.  Never put onion in your dogs food as it is highly toxic to dogs.  If you cannot be sure your stock is onion free, add a couple of chicken wings to the brown rice as it cooks to enhance the flavour, discard wings and bones before bagging up the dog food.


1 packet of large sandwich bags with snap close tops

A very large mixing bowl, bucket or enamel laundry tub

Doggy Dinners15kg Diced Beef – high grade pet quality or lowest grade human quality
1kg brown rice
500grams wholemeal pasta (penne is good!)
3kg mixed frozen vegetable – yes just the stores own brand variety, not the posh ones.
500grams carrots, shredded
500grams cabbage, shredded
2 large zucchini, grated
300mls olive oil
500grams rolled oats
500mls homemade stock – must be onion free, or boil up a kilo of chicken wings with a few carrots in water

In a large pot (or in the microwave) cook the brown rice in stock first, adding the pasta to the pot just before the rice is cooked through.  Reserve the cooking water and transfer the rice to your mixing tub.  Cook the remaining vegetables (in batches if necessary) and add to the mixing rub.  Sprinkle oats over the still warm rice/veges and pour over the olive oil.  Mix through well ensuring all ingredients are evenly dispersed.  Remove half the mix from the tub and put aside.  Start adding your meat.  We usually have to do this in two stages – we have a huge enamelled washing tub about 600mm in diameter – and we can only fit half the mix in at a time.

Once your doggy mix is completely combined, start bagging up.  Do not overfill your sandwich bags as they will split in your freezer and/or be impossible to remove.  We arrange the bags in the freezer baskets on the floor, then return the filled basket to the freezer.  It is much easier and ensures you pack the bags in neatly and without scraping your hands in the freezer!

As far as serving suggestions go....  We give our dogs a scoop of high quality dog biscuits (Science Diet Large Breed) plus an equal quantity of the fresh meat mixture.  One bags usually lasts for two days.  The real trick is remembering to get it out of the freezer the night before....  or you have very disappointed doggies at feeding time.