About the cooking bug

So what's the story behind the cooking bug?

the cooking bug is about passion, generousity, living life well through the pleasure of food and celebrating our culinary history.

I am not a chef, I am not wealthy, I live in an unremarkable suburban house looking for a meaningful way to get through life with my integrity and enthusiasm intact.

I started the cooking bug following the somewhat unwelcome realisation that I have lived a great portion of my life waiting for it to start,...as a thirtysomething it is fair to say my life is pretty well underway now, and that marvellous day when all of a sudden I'll have a glistening great pile of cash to indulge my every culinary whim looks increasingly less likely.

I felt trapped in my own life, claustrophobic in my respectable yet under-stimulating job. Bit by bit I could feel my passion for the things I loved being stamped, filed, indexed, administered and remunerated away, leaving me deflated, demoralised and unmotivated.... As a good corporate hamster, I decided to step off my wheel and momentarily permit myself to leave my cubicle... I sought refuge in my kitchen.

I realised it was through cooking that I simply had to start something if I wanted to get my life back and grab it with both oven-glove-clad hands.

Recipes here come from me, from my family and those dear to me. Some have been used over generations, some were first tried last night, some recipes are for everyday, some are frugal, some are indulgent, some are simple, some long and lazy, and some are for that special day of the year when you deserve whatever you want (that special day when food has no calories).

The cooking bug is not precious, it is not designed to intimidate or preach. It gives you permission to try new things, to experiment and not be afraid of the odd failure, it is for anyone who is keen to get stuck in and wholeheartedly embrace everything the kitchen represents - the heart of the home, the nurturing hub, the place where we congregate, where we talk, where we argue, where we celebrate, where we love and where we live. I want to follow the thread of nourishment that binds us together wherever it leads.

It's taken me a while, but finally I am home. At the bug you are welcome anytime. If you like what you see and find it useful, help me to continue spreading the cooking bug. If you have a question or suggestion, let me know, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

the cooking bug

PS ...and if you are wondering, lady bugs keep the garden free of aphids and nasties so all your scrumptious veges grow big and strong and delicious.