Port au Prince

Port au Prince

I love the idea of this cocktail almost as much as the taste, it is almost a Daiquiri due the consistency.  Be warned, it is both potent and easy to drink, a dangerous combination.  I don't know if this cocktail has ever actually been made in Port au Prince, however that is how it was introduced to me.

Quantity for one carafe (for 4 people).


1 litre pineapple juice

2 limes, juice and zest

4 shots of white rum

2 shots of dark rum

2 shots vanilla vodka

2 shots coconut rum or coconut liqueur

1 shot of Advokat

Pinch of cinnamon

Ice – about 2 cups


Place all ingredients in a blender and wizz into a slushy.

Serve in a cocktail glass with lots of lime zest and a stick of cinnamon.


I was once served this with a raw chilli smeared around the glass – not recommended!!!!!